Silicone Roof Coatings

Roofers Use Coating to Protect a Roof.

Thorough Service for Your Facility

Silicone roof coating is one of the most popular choices because it is a proven system for roof restoration that can be applied relatively easily. Weatherline Reroofing & Repairs Inc. specializes in applying silicone roof coatings in Orange , CA and all of Orange County. Find out more about our services or schedule an appointment by calling (714) 731-3425.

Silicone roof coatings are an especially prudent choice for commercial roofing in Orange County because of the protection it offers from moisture brought on by the prevalent marine layer here. Silicone coating applications are great for sealing in the tiny seams that, over the years, can let in moisture and cause a lot of damage. It is a great preventative step that can be handled in a very short amount of time. We are the best company to apply your silicone coating because of our thorough application process which entails:

  • A thorough inspection to make sure there is no hidden saturation. If there is, it is taken care of before the next step.
  • Once the insulation under the membrane has been confirmed to be free of saturation or repaired, the roof is power washed clean so there is no debris or contamination in the application process.
  • Then the coating is sprayed or rolled onto the roof.
  • A final inspection is conducted on the roof to make sure that all necessary repairs have been carried out properly and that the coat is setting onto the roof as it should be. 

Protect Your Roof From the Elements

Our silicone roof services are an affordable and effective way to ensure that your roof has what it needs to stand up to the elements. Let us add a little extra protection for your property. Hire us for silicone roof coatings in Orange , CA!

The Best Work for Our Clients

We know your property is a huge investment. We apply silicone coatings as if we were applying them to our own properties. You can count on 100% expert coatings when you work with us. Get the very best in silicone coatings in Orange , CA by working with us at Weatherline Reroofing & Repairs Inc.! Give us a call at (714) 731-3425.