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Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement – Which is Better?

metal roofing system

What is a roof restoration?

For a commercial structure, roof replacement, aka new roofing, is expensive, and one that most of us want to avoid if possible. If you’re finding yourself in this position right now, ask your roofing contractor if a roof restoration is possible. Commercial roof restoration cost much less than a roof replacement, but will it be suitable for your structure? Only an experienced commercial roofing contractor can answer that for you. 

Roof restoration is the process of making a damaged or old roof like new, or even better in some cases. A roof restoration job can cost as much as 50% less than getting a new roof because there is less, if any, tearing off the old roofing and there is no new roofing installed. 

Roof restoration is done by coating the current roof with a material that will add another decade or more to the lifespan of the current roof. There are certain types of commercial roof restoration that can be done,  not all existing roofing materials are roof restoration possible. If your current roofing material is any of the following, then roof restoration may be right for your structure: 

  • Asphalt or Built-up Roofing
  • Rubber or EPDM Roofing
  • PVC or TPO Roofing Membrane
  • Metal Roofing
  • Cement Roofing
  • Foam Roofing 

How long does a roof restoration last?

When a roof restoration job is done by a roofing contractor that is experienced in How to commercial roof restoration correctly, you can expect to get a minimum of 10 years lifespan from a roof restoration. With proper follow up maintenance as recommended by the contractor, you could get up to 15 years from a roof restoration before having to but the expense a new roof. 

How do you repair a commercial roof?

When own a commercial structure, it can save a lot of money when you equip yourself with the knowledge and stuff needed to make minor repairs to the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and roof.  A minor roof repair should only be considered a temporary fix though with plans to have  professional roofer inspect the issue and make any permanent repair needed.

To perform your own roof repair, with goggles and safety equipment in place, take the following steps: 

  • Step One: Inspect the area and locate the problem area.
  • Step Two: Clean and clear the area needing repair. This includes any debris or pooling water.
  • Step Three: Remove any blisters by slicing them from an outer edge to the middle, do not slide into the roofing felt under it.
  • Step Four: Remove any excess water coming from the opened blister, squeezing on the area to assure it is free of water, then allow it to dry before proceeding.
  • Step Five: Fill the problem area with roofing cement and the areas around it with a thick coating to even the damaged area. Use this same process for other cracks and holes found during the inspection.
  • Step Six: Cover the damaged are with the roofing membrane while the cement is still wet, covering the area completely. Then place galvanized nails along the edge of the blistered area.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Yes, when a commercial roofer applies a silicone roof coating properly, it will seal the roof and stop any existing roof leaks without having to inspect and identify the leaks. The roofing contractor should perform an inspection prior to applying a roof coating to assure the roof doesn’t have more severe issues than a leak, like structural problem. 

metal roof on building

Roof restoration vs roof replacement

If you’re not sure your commercial roof is a good candidate for roof restoration, these things will give you guidance: 

  • Roof age – if it is close to end-of-life but your budget isn’t ready for roof replacement cost, roof restoration is for you. 
  • Roof Structure – if your current roof is structurally sound and doesn’t have any underlying issues other than you need a new roof, roof restoration is for you.
  • Roof Leaking – if your current roof has small leaks or needs other types of minor repairs, a roof restoration is a good choice for you. 

Here are the differences between a roof restoration and a roof replacement. 

A roof restoration offers you: 

  • Less disturbances to your business’ operation during the process
  • It will extend your current roof lifespan at least 5 years, average is 10 years
  • Cost less than a new roof replacement
  • Better for the environment by not having the tear off to the dump

A roof replacement offers you: 

  • Complete new roof in scope and time
  • A new roof comes with warranty between 15 and 30-years
  • An expensive but long-term investment that provides protection to your building

If you are going to go with a roof replacement, what is the best commercial roofing material so that you get your money’s worth? The  most common commercial roofing materials are: 

  • EPDM
  • Metal
  • PVC
  • TPO

Each of these have advantages and benefits unique within themselves and each of them have disadvantages. A  professional commercial roofing contractor can discuss the difference of each, making a recommendation based on your budget and your building needs. Call (714) 731-3425 today for your roof restoration or replacement in Orange , CA.