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Can I Ask My Roofer for Help with an Insurance Claim?

Damage to a shingle roof

Insurance help after damage

Maybe the only thing worse than experiencing roof damage is dealing with the roof insurance claims process. They complicate insurance, making it confusing and difficult. This often leads a person to believe it is a rip-off manipulating industry. With roofing insurance though, this is coverage for an expensive and necessary part of the biggest investment that most of us will ever make. Our home.

So, when you have roofing problems that require filing a claim, it can be a great help if you have the help and guidance of somebody that knows how to file a roof insurance claim, as a roofing contractor. They have been through it all with insurance companies and them what roof insurance claim coverage will be, or won’t be, within the basic range. Each policy is different, and each insurance company is different, so there could be a variation between yours and your neighbors.

We will answer some commonly asked questions about the subject of roof damage and insurance and claims, but first, we should explain “what is roof insurance claims coverage?”

What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?

A homeowner’s insurance policy will have several things that are covered, including roof damage from “acts of God”, fire, or vandalism. The “acts of God” can include hail damage, high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes. The kicker here is any damage caused by hail, rain, or wind varies from policy to policy, house to house.  One factor that can throw a roofing insurance claim out is a roof’s age. Why?

Because a roof’s designed purpose is to withstand the climate and weather up to a certain level. So, if your roof is damaged or has missing shingles after high winds, and your roof is older than 15 to 20 years, they could deny your roofing insurance claim due to age.

While a roof has a 20, 25, or even 30-year warranty by the manufacturer, in all reality, after sitting in the climate and environment for 15 years, they weaken. The roof may still keep your home dry and protected from the rains, but they are old and getting weak, thus, a high wind could rip a shingle or shingles off.  An insurance company could use that as a reason to deny a claim.

Can you claim roof repairs on insurance?

Sure, you can file a claim on roof repairs or anything else your homeowner’s insurance could cover that.  That doesn’t mean it will be paid though. Most homeowner’s insurance cover repairs from a roof leak if is proven to be caused by a peril (acts of God) such as hail, rain, or wind damage. With the exception that the insurance company believes the roof is too old or the damage could have been prevented by homeowner’s maintenance, like having cleaned, inspected and repairs made as needed.

If they determine the damage was from the peril and no fault of the homeowner, they will pay or the repair. If your homeowner’s policy has an exclusion of hail or wind, then it will not pay any claims.  These are things you need to verify with your agent and make any additions, changes, or purchase separate roofing insurance policy before you need it.

How do I claim roof damage on insurance?

Damaged roofing can be expensive for a homeowner, which is why you have a homeowner’s roofing insurance. There is a way to file a claim with success, and the following are tips to help you do that: 

  • Confirm Coverage: Before you need it, contact your agent and talk about your coverage, what you can expect and feel confident about, so you won’t have a big surprise when you do need it. They take the age of the roof into consideration by the insurance company, meaning your policy will cover the repair up to the cost of the current value of the roof. So, if your roof is 10 years or older, it will affect your roofing insurance compensation.  the full cost of repair or replacement if the roof is less than ten years old. 
  • Damage inspection: After you and your family are safe from the disaster that damaged your roof, inspect the roof yourself and have a professional roofing contractor to do an inspection too. You may not see damage on the interior, but any amount of damage on the exterior will affect the interior in time.
  • Pictures: Pictures are the best way to document damage and can be added to the claim along with an inspection report. Ask the roofing contractor that inspects your roof to take pictures and provide an explanation with each picture and taking your own pictures. 
  • Contact the Insurance Company: Once you have all the relevant details, information, and paperwork call your insurance company and indicate a roofing insurance claim. Follow the procedure to the letter and take notes of the date/time you filed and if you speak with anyone, get their name and direct extension or number. Keep up with any reference claim number they provide you along with any bills, receipts or other documentation you get in relation to the roofing insurance claim. 
  • Find a Roofing Contractor: Some homeowner’s insurance companies will have roofing contractors they recommend, but you may find your own and use them if so desired. Don’t hire the first one you talk to, get several quotes from contractors in person at your home. They can’t provide you an accurate quote if they don’t do an inspection.  

Ask for references, licenses, and insurance. Before they arrive for inspection, confirm if there is a charge. Most roofing contractors offer free estimates, other charges but will deduct the amount from the job if you choose their bid.

How much does roof replacement cost?

There are several factors involved with this pricing, but the average cost in the country for roof replacement can be as low as $4700 and upward to $7200 or more, with many costs $10,000 and up. Factors involved are the size of the house, the type of roofing materials used, if old roofing has to be removed and if any repairs are needed.  

marks of damage to a roof

Will homeowners insurance pay for new roof? 

As long as your roof isn’t too old, has had proper maintenance performed, like gutter cleaning, inspections, repairs completed, etc., then you should have any concerns about your homeowner’s roofing insurance paying for a new roof.

Insurance is confusing and filing a roofing insurance claim can be daunting and difficult, but it can go smoothly if you take the right steps as we discussed. Working with an experienced roofing contractor helps too, just as you would if you can’t get a clogged drain cleared yourself, you call a professional plumber. Many roofing contractors have members of their staff that can walk you through roofing insurance claims and process. This is why you want to hire a professional roofing contractor instead of having your cousin do the work. Need to get started today? Call Weatherline Reroofing & Repairs Inc. at (714) 731-3425 for roofing insurance help in Orange , CA.